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About Us

Who We Are

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates is dedicated to results and relationships. The nationwide network of attorneys that are coordinated through BBA are all creditor and collection attorneys that specialize in commercial collections and litigation.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates’ approach is to make sure our clients are aware of everything that is going on as well as which actions are and will be taken to achieve the desired results. BBA provides an entire line of services that helps our clients be proactive and knowledgeable with regards to their credit department and current clients.

Results Driven Company

Rising Star 2013
Client Advocate 2013
Creditor Rights Advocate
Recovery Specialists

Our Philosophy

“The Golden Rule” is to treat people the way that you want to be treated, that is part of Baker, Bloomberg & Associates philosophy. Given the nature of the industry that may seem counter-intuitive to employ that philosophy, however, with regards to achieving results for our clients the phrase, “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness” echoes our philosophy for producing results.

If we can resolve our client’s matters amicably and quick, we have done our job, however, our service does not stop there. We try to help our clients employ better processes internally to overt the same type of situation in the future.

Our Process

Free Audit & Evaluation

Every client we take on gets a free audit and evaluation of their current situation and the processes that may have led to the current situation. Our goal is to help our clients fix potential problems at the root of the cause moving forward.

Every client of Baker, Bloomberg & Associates is given access to free tools which, in themselves, swings the pendulum to our client’s favor.

Production & Research

Our document gathering and organization process is extremely thorough and efficient. A full asset and liabilities report is conducted on every account taken on by BBA.

In addition to the asset and liability investigation, a full skip trace is done immediately following to make sure that the debtor’s ability to pay is known and the absolute most current contact information is on file.

Recovery & Protection

In this stage our clients will start to see rapid movement on the account and debtors will try to contact our client to circumvent this process. This is where our clients see money.

If assets are being moved or liquidated it is imperative that immediate action be taken and securing the receivables are warranted. This is the stage that our clients see money.


  • Sophia McKinnon, AEGIS Fire Systems

    We recommend Baker Bloomberg and Associates for their professionalism, reasonable cost and timely, effective results.

  • Brad Rhoton, Staff on Site

    I don’t know how you manged to get out money, but I really appreciate all your efforts.

  • Amy Bohlke, Gratr Landscapes

    Baker Bloomberg and Associates has become a valued extension of our receivables department because they succeed in getting out payments without alienating our clients.