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Areas of Expertise

First and foremost, the real expertise of Baker, Bloomberg & Associates is to assist our clients in the recovery of monies owed to them, as a result of their customers defaulting on credit or loans extended to them for the execution of their business processes. All of our industry experts, all of our investigators, and all of our financial experts are dedicated to this single mission – because it is the one thing our clients expect and need from us.

In support of that one over-riding mission, we do offer services in several diverse areas of business, so that we can be of greater use to a broader base of clients. Some of the specific areas that we have acquired significant understanding and expertise in are material suppliers, building suppliers, contractor disputes, sub-contractor disputes, government projects, commercial projects, residential projects, municipal projects, bonding issues, project funding, specialized trade, and specially fabricated materials.

Some of the industries that we have worked with and experienced great success in are the construction industry, manufacturing, the oil and gas industry, transportation, communications, and the utilities industry. While these industries and the aspects listed within them may appear to comprise a fairly exhaustive list, that list is not all-inclusive, so if you have any question at all about whether we can handle a specific case, by all means contact us.

If you have had trouble collecting funds owed to you, don’t just give up and consider it a loss – let us put our team to work for your team. Your business is the financing of groups of businessmen to keep their companies afloat and to keep their cash flowing.

Our business, and our area of expertise is to bring all our experience and knowledge of industries and industry processes to bear on your behalf in the pursuit and recovery of funds you are entitled to.