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Industries Served

Probably most industries in the country are in need of services like those provided by specialists like Baker, Bloomberg & Associates for those situations which arise when clients default on loans or credit extensions. After all, it is a scenario that can occur in almost any business where funding is provided by a creditor, and the recipient for whatever reason, becomes unable to repay those loaned funds.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates would like to be able to assist all these industries in the recovery of funds, but in all good conscience professionalism demands that our firm focus on those industries where our greatest level of experience and knowledge lie. Our cadre of nationwide experts have either worked extensively in the industries for which we offer service, or have educated themselves extensively about those industries.

At present, the industries served by Baker, Bloomberg & Associates involve Transportation, Construction, Utilities Companies, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and Communications. For each of these industries, we have investigators who are intimately aware of the business processes related to the overall industry, and are well-versed in the dynamics.

Because our firm is comprised of such knowledgeable associates, Baker, Bloomberg & Associates can understand the subtleties of any situation involving a dispute over non-payment, and have the requisite insight to progress the case toward resolution.

If your case pertains to an industry which overlaps one of the above areas of expertise, or if you have some doubt about our jurisdiction in the matter, please call us. You’ll be glad you did.