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One of the areas where Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and expertise is in the construction industry. Because our network of industry consultants is so familiar with the inner workings of construction projects, we understand the nature of the disputes that can arise.

Construction Expertise

Many of our consultants formerly worked in the construction business, and have become experts about various aspects of the construction industry.

  • Concrete and Ready Mix Suppliers – Our consultants are conversant with the details of mix design, compression, pliability, and many other aspects of the concrete mixes business.
  • Lumber Suppliers – If you have a receivables problem with delivery of contracted lumber for home construction, our experts have experience with it and stand ready to assist you.
  • Tile, Granite, and Marble Suppliers – When disagreements surface about the specific kind of marble, or the grade of tile, or the weight of granite pieces, BB&A specialists understand the subtleties, and will work to recover what is owed you.
  • Gravel Suppliers – Bulk materials like gravel must be produced to comply with local governmental standards. Our specialists know and understand these standards.
  • Electrical Distributors and Suppliers – When payment disputes arise over the delivery of contracted electrical supplies, BB&A experts know how to help.
  • Hardware Suppliers – Hardware is essential to the construction industry, and our firm can help in the recovery of bad hardware supplier debts.
  • Rebar and Reinforcement Suppliers – Our steel reinforcement gurus can help with recovery of defaulted payments.
  • Material Suppliers – Whatever miscellaneous supply problem is causing payment disagreement, it will be a scenario our experts have dealt with before.