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Lumber Suppliers

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates helps lumber suppliers and we understand the intricacies with the lumber supply industry specifically. We understand the many times there are multiple people benefiting from the use of the lumber that is supplied which means there are many ways to try to ensure prompt and full payment with regards to the lumber that is being supplied.

Many times your clients are either builders or sub-contractors and they are building new structures or improving current structures that are going to be used by someone other than themselves after project completion. We understand that and have the tools to quickly and effectively find out that information on a large scale so that you can have that at your fingertips if a problem for payment arises.

We also know that many lumber suppliers have suppliers they are accountable to. Your cash flow, as a middle supply chain is critical to your business growth and solvency, we understand that. If your receivables get farther out than your payables your company will be in a negative cash flow situation, which means you are funding part of your client’s business operations.

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