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Rebar Suppliers

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates understands the rebar and steel supply industry and the different requirements that our clients are held accountable for. We understand mill certificates, imported and domestic steel, rebar schedules, strength tests and a multitude of other metrics that steel suppliers are held to.

We can also help with lien filings, property research, project information, end user information, project type, property that concrete was supplied to type, bond claims, legal case sourcing and management, judgment enforcement, and we can even implement(for free) a receivables management program that will help you manage and give transparency to your cash flow and recovery process efficiency.

Contact a Baker, Bloomberg & Associates rebar and reinforcement specialist to get a free assessment and any information regarding any receivables, clients or projects that you may currently have going on and we will give you a free asset and liabilities report or a free project analysis to show you how quickly and effectively we can be there to assist you make decisions.