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Tile, Granite and Marble Suppliers

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates helps many nationwide and local suppliers with regards to their receivables and processes that are specific to the construction supply industry.

We understand construction suppliers are high-volume, fast-paced companies that need to make sure their processes and recovery are streamlined. We have helped hundreds of large suppliers lower their DSO and decrease their cash-to-cash conversion cycles. Many of the processes that we help our client’s implement are free of charge and we consider them “construction supplier receivables better business practices”.

Because we have helped implement and construct custom solutions for large multi-billion dollar construction suppliers, by default, we have the capacity to help smaller and more localized suppliers as well. If a system works for a large multi-national company, the basic process and principals will likely work for a smaller company, however the implementation will be different, that is what we do.

We make sure that our clients that are construction supply companies, whether they are; equipment rental, material suppliers, ready mix suppliers, hardware suppliers or general construction supply companies, all understand their current local and national benchmarks and we also make sure they understand the true cost of carrying “bad debt”.