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Manufacturing is an industry that includes a vast array of constituent processes, some of which involve the transformation of raw materials into finished goods, and some of which involve any and all processes that produce some kind of merchandise to be sold on an open market.

This means that the manufacturing industry is sustained by the flow of raw materials, the labor force that transforms those raw materials, the equipment that assists with production, the quality processes that ensure standards compliance, and a whole host of sub-system industries.

Manufacturing in this country is a very mature kind of business, and it has been prominent for many years. Even now though, there are times when cash flow is interrupted and contractors can find themselves in arrears, leaving themselves in default of loans or credit extended to them by firms whose specialty that is. If your firm should find itself in such a situation, you ought not to ignore the problem and hope it will resolve itself.

Bad debts do not often resolve themselves – at least not without a little prompting. That’s where Baker, Bloomberg & Associates come in. We have become experts in the recovery of such monies owed to creditors operating in good faith, and our Manufacturing experts have a thorough understanding of industry processes, so we can talk the same language as your clients.

When you find that you require our kind of knowledge and expertise for the recovery of money owed to you, we are ready, willing, and able to work with you for a successful conclusion.