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The maritime industry today provides the most cost effective method of transporting goods, being less expensive than either rail or trucking transportation. Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly, and a prime component of commerce for one of the largest trading nations in the world. With these career advantages, the maritime industry has become a huge employer in this country, and its outlook for the future continues to be bright.

Even a healthy, vibrant business like the maritime industry can have its problems with cash flow however. Payments from manufacturers and other users of shipping services are not always prompt or within the agreed-upon timeframe. When a percentage of overall shipping business is tied up with unpaid receivables, profit margins plummet, operating income dries up, and conducting business becomes much more difficult.

Baker Bloomberg & Associates is a firm that specializes in the recovery of receivables so billing companies need not concern themselves with the process of collection. With our firm representing you, we become a de facto extension of your Receivables Department, and collecting the funds owed to you becomes our primary focus.

Call us and let our maritime industry experts become involved on your behalf – our consultants know the maritime business, and they know how to achieve results so that your business can get back on a profitable basis. Free up your financial personnel to do more value-added functions, and let Baker Bloomberg & Associates collect what you are owed.