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Maritime Bulk Cargo

The bulk cargo section of the maritime industry serves a very important function in the movement of bulk goods like coal, petroleum, various grains, stone, and gravel. These are classified as bulk cargoes because they are not packaged, but are simply placed into a very large container on board a ship as is.

Because these kinds of goods are always shipped in large volume, the shipping costs are usually significant and represent a considerable investment for all parties involved in the transportation process. If even a few of these shipments go unpaid, the bulk cargo shipper will have a great deal of revenue tied up – while expenses must still be paid.

Not many businesses can absorb these kind of unpaid bills, so vigilance is required when payments for services begin to extend past due dates. If your bulk cargo business is undergoing this kind of discomfort because of outstanding receivables, you need to contact the bulk cargo experts at Baker Bloomberg & Associates.

Our consultants understand how the bulk cargo industry works, and where cash constriction will occur. Let our firm bring to bear the expertise we have accumulated over years of experience in recovering amounts owed to bulk cargo shippers. Our consultants will make the collection of amounts owed to you our top priority – keeping your bottom line healthy will also keep ours healthy.