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Maritime Container Freight

Container freight is a huge part of the maritime shipping industry, and has had a long history of transporting goods domestically and internationally, using containers of various lengths, commonly 20-ft and 40-ft or longer. When goods need to be sheltered during shipping, containerized shipping is usually the method chosen. While it is more costly than transporting bulk goods or items like cars that can be lashed to the deck, there are times when goods simply have to be protected from weather, jostling on board, or other hazards.

Obviously container shipping costs can be considerable, and when container goods are shipped but not paid for, the shipper must bear the cost until payment is returned for the service. If this is a common problem with your container shipping business, it might be time for you to get ahead of the game and retain Baker Bloomberg & Associates to keep those receivables flowing in.

The earlier the collection process is begun, the better is the chance of funds recovery, and conversely, once payments go unpaid for long periods of time, greater effort must be expended in their recovery. Let our container freight consultants go to work for you and get your company acting earlier, so those receivables are much more likely to be forthcoming. Being proactive about receivables will keep your cash flow in a much more fluid state.