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Maritime Ship Detainment

Maritime ship detention occurs as a kind of last resort when a port authority finds that some sort of deficiency exists on board the ship that is not in compliance with required regulations. Some examples of non-compliance might be safety violations, pollution standards, credentialing of officers on board, etc. Often the authorities will allow a certain amount of time, either in port or at the next destination port, to rectify the issue of non-compliance, but in the most extreme cases, a ship can actually be detained.

Ship detention represents lost time – time during which the ship is not earning revenue by the transport of goods, so this is lost income to the ship owner. Recovering lost funds resulting from a ship’s inactivity during retention is something that can be difficult to manage – which is why your shipping firm needs experts in receivables recovery on your side.

The Baker Bloomberg & Associates consultants who deal with ship detention are knowledgeable about what must be done to collect funds from those responsible for the detention and loss of income during that period. Familiarity with maritime law is a must in such situations, and our firm’s experts are well-versed in all aspects of these regulations.

Let our company go to work for your company and collect those funds that are owed to you for maritime detention cases.