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Oil and Gas

The oil and natural gas industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The revenues generated are enormous, and the costs associated with bringing products to market are likewise enormous. Contrary to popular belief, those products brought to market are comprised of more than just the refined gasoline used for everyday transportation and the natural gas which heats our homes. Crude oil is used in many facets of our everyday life, from plastics to synthetic materials – many daily goods are comprised of oil based product.

From this it can be seen that this huge, sprawling industry encompasses quite a few satellite industries and incorporates an immense amount of this country’s commerce. Businesses of this size and complexity will always have contractors, sub-contractors, operators, service companies and suppliers involved in such a way that the likelihood of disputes becomes almost a foregone conclusion.

If your company has had trouble collecting funds at some level in the oil and gas industry, you don’t have to allow yourself to be victimized – you do have recourse. Your first step toward achieving the solution you desire is to contact the firm of Baker, Bloomberg & Associates.

We can take up your case(s), investigate all circumstances related to the disagreement, and because we have associates who are expert in the oil and gas industry, we can communicate intelligently with the individuals in default. On your behalf, we can make every effort to recover any amounts owed you.