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The transportation industry in this country is one of the most critical and also one of the most competitive, because it involves facilitating the flow of goods all across the country. A supply chain network that literally encompasses the whole breadth of this country includes rail freight, trucking, air cargo, and maritime shipping.

It’s easy to see how an industry this large and this diverse can have an almost endless series of potential pitfalls, problems, and shipments gone awry. And yet, the expert consultants at Baker, Bloomberg & Associates are acquainted with all of these, because many of our people were once employed in that same industry and have dealt with them before.

If your company has invested money in one of the nodes of this giant transportation network, or if you have extended credit to keep the flow of goods moving and the flow of cash moving for your client, your investment should not be defaulted upon – you are entitled to recovery of that investment.

One of the worst things you can do when a transportation contractor defaults on a loan or extended credit, is write it off and hope that it was an isolated incident. Not only is that poor business management, but word of mouth has a way of being passed along among the members of a network, especially those in the same business.

The pro-active choice, and the smart business choice, is to consult with the experts at Baker, Bloomberg & Associates so we can assist in the recovery of any debts owed you.