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Utilities Companies

Utilities companies are those companies that provide public services such as electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage disposal. As public companies they do fall to some extent under public control, and are generally regulated by some level of government, because those services provided are necessary for the common welfare of the citizens being governed.

However, utilities companies do engage in business arrangements with companies from the private sector and they will sometimes be extended credit or provided with funds from those private companies. When such loans or credit offers are defaulted upon, and the lending party is not repaid, that would be the time to involve a third party – Baker, Bloomberg & Associates.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates is familiar with how public utility companies work, and how their businesses must be conducted, because some of our associates were at one time part of the utilities business. In order to sort out all the rhetoric and get to the bottom of any dispute, a third party must have a thorough understanding of the issues at hand, and the knowledge of our team of associates makes that possible for our firm.

Let us bring all that experience to bear in resolving your bad debt problems – give us a call and let Baker, Bloomberg & Associates go to work for you and help to achieve a resolution you can be satisfied with. Our expertise in the utilities companies field will help to bring about a successful recovery of your funds.