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Legal Packaging and Forwarding

With a network of nationwide attorneys and one of the best tracking systems for case coordination, Baker, Bloomberg & Associates is a renowned end-to-end receivables solution.

The attorneys in our network are true collections attorneys, they specialize in the receivables and debt recovery industry.

Why retain a local attorney and spend thousands up-front as well as try to get updates to make sure your case is making progress?  At Baker, Bloomberg & Associates we will first check the assets and solvency of a company, as well as the owners and principals of the company before anything is suggested to our clients.  We do not operate on “charge per hour” basis, rather, we are compensated for results.

Getting an unenforceable judgment actually costs the creditor money without recovering anything.  Don’t throw good money after bad, let us give you clarity and a broader look at the situation so you may be able to make a more sound business decision.

If a case is packaged and forwarded – our systems ensure our clients are kept up to date proactively.  Also, our ProcessFlow system makes sure both our clients and ourselves are on top of our game and fully informed throughout the process.