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Asset & Liability Search & Reporting

Preparatory to pursuing an action for recovery of funds owed to a creditor, it is often necessary to determine the full portfolio of assets owned by a creditor, so that a strategy for funds recovery can be decided upon. This is one of the special services provided by Baker, Bloomberg & Associates to assist our clients in such recoveries.

Asset and liability searches can be pursued in varying degrees. A standard search and report might include a review of the creditor’s public records such as liquid assets, credit report, property ownership, and investigation of any other legal proceedings the creditor is involved with. A more in-depth search could include examination of the creditor’s lifestyle and relationships with financial institutions. A comprehensive search might involve a thorough investigation of all a creditor’s financial activities and holdings, including hidden assets.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has the know-how and experience to know what to look for when any level of this kind of search and reporting is initiated. Our investigators have conducted such searches many times before and are familiar with the process, and with how important the results are to eventual funds recovery.

Don’t rely on a casual search of public records to let you know the true financial status of a debtor that owes you money – let Baker, Bloomberg & Associates provide you with a full report detailing all assets and liabilities associated with the debtor of interest.