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Contingency Collections

Contingency collections are attempts made by a third party in a funds-owed dispute to collect a sum owed by the debtor to a creditor. The ‘contingency’ part of that process is simply that the third party collects no fee unless successful in recovering the funds owed to the creditor. Baker, Bloomberg & Associates is glad to take on the role of that third party on behalf of our clients who seek a more forceful attempt to collect than simple phone calls and letters.

While this may seem like an unsound business practice on our part, it is a service we offer as a means of extending and expanding the suite of funds recovery processes we offer to those clients in need of such services. This does not mean that we run rough-shod over a debtor’s rights – we take great care to stay within legal guidelines and to avoid violating any aspect of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, or any of its corollaries.

However, when our clients find that the first level of collection attempts produce no results at all, we are happy to step in and add the weight of our network of knowledgeable associates to the proceedings. As a victimized creditor, you should not abandon attempts to recover funds owed to you simply because first efforts are fruitless.

Let the experts at Baker, Bloomberg & Associates step in and bring our experience to bear on the case, so that a more profitable conclusion follows.