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Legal funding is yet another of the suite of services offered by Baker, Bloomberg & Associates for the benefit of our clients seeking to recover funds owed to them by defaulting debtors. In this service, our team of associates is not actively engaged in those recovery attempts, but our firm could agree to advance a company or individual the necessary funding to pursue a case on their own in court.

This can be a very useful service, because without it many cases that should be pursued might be abandoned altogether for lack of necessary capital. Court cases in debt recovery matters can be very costly to undertake, so they simply cannot be initiated without having sufficient financial backing to fully prosecute the case.

When such a case has a very reasonable expectation of resulting in success for the aggrieved creditor, the case should certainly be pursued and not dropped due to lack of funding. If your company is in such a situation, by all means contact Baker, Bloomberg & Associates so that we can review the case with you. If we agree to fund the legal dispute, the cash you need to prosecute the case can be made available to you quickly.

Any payment made to Baker, Bloomberg & Associates in cases like these is strictly contingent on the outcome of the case. When you have a good case against a defaulting debtor, but lack the resources to see it through, help can be just a phone call away.