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Legal Packaging & Case Management

Case management in its legal context involves a legal packaging of all those services necessary to bring about a desired result on behalf of a client. This service as it is offered by Baker, Bloomberg & Associates will includes the processes deemed appropriate for resulting in the recovery of funds owed to a creditor by a person or business.

This packaging of services often requires that several different specialists with diverse skills be brought together for the purpose of coordinating their efforts, so as to resolve a situation where repayment to one of our clients has not been forthcoming. In effect, several services may be involved, with several different resources representing those services.

Managing cases on behalf of our clients is a service that might be included in a legal packaging arrangement, but is also offered as a standalone service. This management of a case could include attempts made at collection, monitoring of case status, consultation on appropriate strategies and, in short, whatever steps are necessary to bring desired results to our clients.

Once Baker, Bloomberg & Associates agree to manage a particular case, no real involvement is then necessary on the part of a creditor client, other than periodic status checking. When your company doesn’t want to be bothered with the hassle of funds recovery, contact our firm and let us manage your case for you. It will be the first step toward a satisfactory result.