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At Baker, Bloomberg & Associates, we offer a wide variety of services to our clients that are all aimed at recovery of funds owed. Because every case is different and every debtor is different, a diverse array of strategies is necessary to have any hope of achieving the successful conclusion to a case.

That’s why we have such a diverse team of industry experts and investigative specialists included in our team of associates – we understand that it will be necessary to draw on many areas of knowledge and experience. Your company as a creditor cannot be expected to know all the details about how specific industries work, and why debtors default on loans you made to them. Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has that knowledge, and would like to put it to work for you – in the form of our many services related to debt recovery.

When you need a lien attached to a debtor’s holdings, you can take advantage of our Lien Filing service. If you require a thorough examination of a client’s assets and liabilities, our Asset & Liabilities Search and Reporting service will provide just such information, so you have a clear picture of your client’s finances. We also offer Data Scrubbing, Risk Modeling, and Legal Packaging & Case Management to assist with funds recovery.

If your company is interested in the purchase of debt from an original creditor, we offer a Portfolio Management service. We also provide Legal Funding for you to advance a case in court on your own, and we do Contingency Collections that are dependent on the successful outcomes of cases.