Baker, Bloomberg & Associates offers a wide variety of services to our clients, all geared towards maximizing and efficiently recovering the funds you are owed. We recognize that every case is different and every debtor is different. Addressing those nuances is done with a diverse array of strategies specific to your needs and all of the encompassing complexities therein. Success is always our mindset in working to achieve adequate closure on every case.

With a diverse team of industry experts and investigative specialists included in our team of associates – we understand that it will be necessary to draw on many areas of knowledge and experience. Your company as a creditor cannot be expected to know all the details about how specific industries work, and why debtors default on loans you made to them.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has that knowledge. Capitalize on our know-how and allow us to work for you – in the form of our many services related to debt recovery and preventive measures.

When you need a lien attached to a debtor’s holdings, you can take advantage of our Lien Filing service. If you require a thorough examination of a client’s assets and liabilities, our Asset & Liabilities Search and Reporting service will provide just such information, so you have a clear picture of your client’s finances. We also offer Data Scrubbing, Risk Modeling, and Legal Packaging & Case Management to assist with funds recovery.

If your company is interested in the purchase of debt from an original creditor, we offer a Portfolio Management service. We also provide Legal Funding for you to advance a case in court on your own, and we do Contingency Collections that are dependent on the successful outcomes of cases.


Lien Filing

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates provides a full service lien program wherein we file and manage the lien process for our clients. This can be done as a standalone service or we can package it along with any of our other services at a discounted rate.

We file liens in all 50 states as well as offer a “rush” service, if necessary, to help ensure the validity and timeliness of the lien(s). Strict adherence to specific lien filing requirements are utilized with our system and database to ensure the lien filing guidelines are adhered to.

Asset & Liability Search & Reporting

Asset and liability searches can be pursued in varying degrees. A standard search and report might include a review of the creditor’s public records such as liquid assets, credit report, property ownership, and investigation of any other legal proceedings the creditor is involved with. A more in-depth search could include examination of the creditor’s lifestyle and relationships with financial institutions. A comprehensive search might involve a thorough investigation of all a debtor’s financial activities and holdings, including hidden assets.

Contingency Collections

Having to go out of pocket, either on your own or hiring a bill-by-the hour firm to collect the money you are owed can be costly – and with no guarantee you will get a return on that investment. Contingency collections allows your business to utilize Baker, Bloomberg & Associates to take on your case without having to pay anything until we succeed in collecting what is owed you. If we don’t collect – you owe Baker nothing. There is an inherent incentive for us to perform, and do so quickly, to recover your money. We make nothing until we get you paid.


Areas of Expertise

Almost every business in the country has encountered the challenges that occur due to cash flow issues created by past due receivables. At some point, enough is enough. You need to be paid what you are due so that you can focus on your business’ success and growth rather than using that time to chase down past due debt.

This is what we do.

Using Baker, Bloomberg & Associates for those situations which arise when clients default on loans, credit extensions, labor, materials or whatever situation occurred wherein you are owed money creates opportunity for you. Now, you can focus on your business growth and revenue stream while Baker does the heavy lifting in bringing in that cash you need and are rightly due.

Construction, retail, shipping, telecommunications, business and consumer lending, judgements, liens – Baker Bloomberg & Associates has the expertise, resources, knowledge and professional approach to effectively and successfully recover what you are owed.

Our firm focuses on those industries where our greatest level of experience and knowledge lie. Our cadre of nationwide experts have either worked extensively in the industries for which we offer service, or have educated themselves extensively about those industries.


One of the areas where Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has accumulated a great deal of knowledge, expertise and success is in the construction market. By leveraging our experience along with our network of industry consultants, you have access to our professional experience along with a vast knowledge-base in dealing with the inner workings of construction projects, the inconvenient slow pays, delayed progress payments, liens, UCC filings, disputes, subcontractors, liens, material suppliers and the like.


The transportation and shipping industry are one of the most critical and one of the most competitive markets in this country. Because it involves facilitating the flow of goods all across the globe with a supply chain network that literally encompasses every location on the planet – be it rail, freight, trucking, air cargo, or maritime shipping, it can be overwhelming and time consuming to do it on your own. Baker has the experience and knowledge to navigate through the complexities of that business to achieve successful recovery on past due invoices.


The oil and gas industry is one the largest sectors in the world in terms of dollar value, generating an estimated $3.3 trillion in revenue annually. Be it upstream, midstream, downstream, exploration, well rights, royalties, drilling, mining rights and all else that encompasses oil & gas, Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has the experience to effectively help you recover what you may be due from this segment of commerce. Businesses of this size and complexity will always have contractors, sub-contractors, operators, service companies and suppliers involved in such a way that the likelihood of disputes or oversight becomes an almost foregone conclusion.


With so many diverse areas included under the communications umbrella, it is small wonder that enormous resources are involved, and that additional resources are always needed to maintain supporting cash flow. While it might be difficult for any one individual to have a comprehensive understanding of the communications industry, it is possible for a networked group of individuals to have that kind of understanding and knowledge.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has that network of associates who know the communications industry because they formerly worked within its framework, and understand both the broad picture and the nuances. This familiarity coupled with investigative skills, is what makes our associates experts in the area of recovering defaulted payments in the communications industry.

Contact our firm if you feel your company has been victimized by a business or contractor in these given industries. If funds or credit that were extended have not been repaid within the agreed upon time frame, put our firm to work on your company’s behalf, and allow us to provide the best chance at recovery of those funds which you are owed.