We have the power of a nationwide network of investigators and experts

When you are represented by our firm, you have the power of a nationwide network of investigators and experts in the construction industry, as well as several other industries, at your disposal – and this entire team is dedicated to the ideal of retrieving the funds owed to you in the most discreet, non-confrontational manner possible.

We do not attempt to sugar-coat any case that we take on for a client

When you partner with Baker, Bloomberg & Associates, you are going to get real world results. We fully understand the complexities of recovering the money that you are owed and will not sugar coat any case for a client – meaning we will be up-front, trustworthy and accountable in guiding you through the process to net the best possible result in a reasonable and cost effective manner with your involvement.

We keep our clients fully informed

Your direct involvement as a client is mission critical in helping to achieve the best results to recover what you are owed. We keep our clients fully engaged with every development on a case to ensure that communication is maximized and there are no surprises. We want you to know everything we know. Your satisfaction with our results is Priority 1.


Having to write off debt or simply lacking the resources to address your past due receivables is a formula for eventual disaster in any business. When it becomes necessary for you to take action, leverage the decades of experience and expertise of Baker, Bloomberg & Associates by choosing our firm to help get your past due cash flow back on track.