Transportation has been, and remains, one of the most critical industries in today’s marketplace involving the flow of goods all across the country.  Recovering the funds due involves a specific skill set in being able to decipher a bill of lading, shipping invoice and the like, to approach the appropriate party to secure payment, be it local, interstate or international.


Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has a combined experience of over 100 years in the construction industry; including liens, notices, mediation, dispute resolution and the ability to enforce creditor’s rights in that regard.  Bolstered with our network of industry consultants, your resources to best net your recovery are unmatched.


Manufacturing is an industry easily confounded with a vast array of constituent processes, some of which involve the transformation of raw materials into finished goods, and some of which involve numerous purveyors and parties in possession. Baker has the experience to work with or perhaps circumvent some of the time-consuming obstacles that occur and connect with the right party to get you paid.

Oil and Gas

The oil and natural gas industry is one of the largest in the world. The revenues generated are enormous, and the costs associated with bringing products to market are likewise just as exponential. Baker has the experience in dealing with well rights, refining, shipping, royalties, revenue shares and multi-party liability in this field and has a proven track record in negotiating positive results.



About Us

Based in Houston, TX, Baker was founded over a decade ago by a former construction company owner and marketing professional with the intent to service a booming business services industry from mom and pop shops to Fortune 100 companies in your outstanding receivables paid.

The Baker team is composed of partners experienced with all facets of the intricacies of business to business transactions as well as the inherent challenges that impact cash flow when you have not been paid.

Where we benefit you, is taking on those cash flow challenges and turning them into opportunities for you to get paid, and allow you the time to focus on your business.

When companies grant credit in good faith, it is both reasonable and necessary that repayment be made within the agreed-upon time frame. Baker has a proven track record to help that happen sooner than later.

What We Do

Baker utilizes state of the art technology, real time engagement, databases, resources and a genuine boots-on-the-ground approach in recovering the funds you are due to help increase your cash flow. This may include the use of private investigators, lien enforcement, legal processes, pre and post judgement collection, a simple audit approach or a combination of any of its parts.

At all costs, we take steps to get you paid what is due and in a manner that protects your client relationship as well as your brand as a business.

Our Assurance

Under this broad umbrella of assistance, our firm also provides services in the areas of risk modeling, lien filing, asset and liability investigation, contingency collection, data scrubbing, legal packaging and case management, and legal funding. Ultimately, the primary service offered by Baker, Bloomberg & Associates – and its driving mission – is to recover debt, and do so in a professional and ethical manner.



  • I just got called by someone from Baker, Bloomberg & Associates that was doing an investigation on a job I am owed on, why or how did this happen?

    You were contacted most likely because you or your company came up during our investigation on a property or job contract we were researching. That department of Baker, Bloomberg & Associates does full background research on any and all properties that require research, for a multitude of reasons. Do not be alarmed about the call, this department is merely trying to find all parties owed on projects we are working on that might have funding or payment issues.

  • I have a lot of accounts I need help collecting, can baker, bloomberg & associates handle the volume?

    Baker, Bloomberg & Associates is geared towards efficiently handling volume accounts. We are an end to end solution, which means our clients can expect each and every account placed with us to be taken care of and nothing falling through the cracks. We handle accounts from date of invoice until litigation and everything in-between. We can provide a complete, low-cost, turnkey solution for any company that requests our services or access to our network of attorneys.

  • I was told a private investigator was going to be coming out to my company to do an investigation, why is this?

    Private investigators are hired by Baker, Bloomberg & Associates to go investigate local cases that we need more information or clarity on. If you or your company is part of an investigation that Baker, Bloomberg & Associates or its network is looking into – the best route of action you or your company can take is to open communication and give clarity to the matter at hand. Avoiding or trying to avoid the situation at this point is not a good idea.

  • I was just contacted by your representative and the rate seemed a bit high, why is the cost that much?

    Baker, Bloomberg & Associates invests a lot of time and money in every single case that it takes on and the quality of service and results that are provided cost BBA quite a bit of money with no guarantee on return. That is the reason why BBA and all of the people within it are as aggressive as they are and real results are provided.

Free Audit and Evaluation

Every client we take on gets a free audit and evaluation of their current situation and the processes that may have led to the current situation.

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