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Why us

Baker Legal – Why Us?

You own a company that has extended credit to construction contractors in good faith, to keep their businesses going and to maintain their cash flow, the lifeblood of any business. But they have not matched your good faith investment with good faith repayment – now what do you do? Well, you might try harassing them until some kind of repayment is forthcoming, or you could retain the services of some high-powered law firm to commence legal proceedings against them.

Or – you could attempt to recover your investment in a manner that does not permanently damage relationships with those customers, and gives you a reasonable expectation of continued business. You could hire Baker, Bloomberg & Associates.

When you are represented by our firm, you have the power of a nationwide network of investigators and experts in the construction industry, as well as several other industries, at your disposal – and this entire team is dedicated to the ideal of retrieving the funds owed to you in the most discreet, non-confrontational manner possible.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates does not attempt to sugar-coat any case that we take on for a client. We understand, and we help our clients to understand that not every scenario will have a happy ending with full monetary recovery – but we do keep our clients fully informed of every development that occurs on a given case, and we ensure that communication between ourselves and our clients is maximized. We want you to know everything that we know.

No company can stay in business very long if it simply ignores bad debts and writes them off, so you just cannot afford to continue losing money like that. When it becomes necessary for you to take action, choose Baker, Bloomberg & Associates for the breadth of our experience. Choose us for our determination to operate successfully in your behalf and to achieve the results you expect.

Choose us because for us the only acceptable outcome to a case is to have a genuinely satisfied customer.